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       Anhui LuFeng investment management co, LTD can be abbreviated to LuFeng electric, founded in 2008 and mainly engaged in the new electrical and mechanical equipment enterprise. Our company specializes in researching and developing production of corrugated continuous interlock armoring machine and aluminum alloy cable chain armor equipment and accessory products. The Company is located in Hefei, AnHui province, which covers an area of more than 4000square meters. We have the team of advanced management experience and excellent technical, providing high-quality mechanical equipment of cable industry.
       Our company masters the core technology and has been in innovation continued. We develop a new brand" LuFeng " corrugated continuously interlocked armoring machine with excellent product quality as the fundament of practical experience , high standards and high requirements to build a world famous brand products. LuFeng LFMC130 which is a new generation of corrugated interlocked armoring machine achieve the electrification control and the accurate in the range of 2 ‰ .The diameter of the pore crossed the cable line is 130mm.The pore have a wide range of application. The spindle diameter is 243mm and can greatly improve the stability of the host. The speed of designing reaching 800 rpm, is more than twice of the last generation machine. The machine is made accurately by using the 3D technology, strictly controlling the quality and improving the dynamic balance. The spindle uses mirror grinding and the precision control 0.008. Strengthen the spindle concentricity. The concentricity of industry standard is 100 silk, while the standard of LuFeng Corporation is ± 6 silk. We use calibration measuring installation in assembly process and can further perfect the armoring craft. This machine is multi-purpose and has new design of armored head.
       LuFeng corrugated continuous interlock armoring machine mainly used for a variety of power cables and new rare-earth aluminum armored cable armored molding. Armoured with metal belt continuous interlock type armoring process inside and outside, the hollow round, does not damage the insulation. LuFeng corrugated continuous interlock armoring machine with high precision, fast speed, and bright and clean appearance, concise and easy, can produce armored core diameter of 10 ~ 125 mm armoured cable.That can meet the needs of most of the armoured cable molding and to avoid repetition and put into production. The mechanical technology innovation, technological innovation, product performance has reached the world advanced level class.
       LuFeng electrical treat people sincerely, uphold the "integrity and quality commercial principles pursue perfection and excellence, and provide first-class brand products for the vast majority of users.


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